Do I need to send the power supply?
Yes we need the power supply and the motor unit. We do not need the plinth or tone arm, just the complete motor chassis, platter and its power supply.

Do I need to send the platter?
Yes we need the platter as well. Be sure to pack this separately as shipping with the platter mounted could damage the bearing.

What is the turn around time?
This varies from site to site demanding upon current work load. You can make contact with the agent in your region for an estimate.

Can the power supply be upgraded as well?
Yes if you send the units to Music Technology Inc. in the USA. They do excellent work upgrading the power supply and of course excellent work upgrading the motor. Please contact them directly for power supply upgrade costing.

Can I send a motor and power supply that is not working?
The team at Music Technology Inc. have considerable experience with repairing these. Please contact them for details.

Can you recommend a suitable plinth?
There are many after market plinths available for the SP10 motors.
We have experience with the Albert Porter plinths. These are sonically excellent and finished to an exceptional standard.
Albert can be contacted at:


What shipping method do I use?
We typically use DHL but you may prefer other carriers, please contact your local agent. The motor and power supply will be resent in your packaging. Please ensure that it is sturdy enough for a two way trip.

How do I Pay?
This depends upon the location. Please contact your local agent for details.

Can upgrades be done to other brands of DD turntabels?
Yes. Please contact Richard:
to discuss specific details for your model.

If I dont like the upgrade can it be removed?
Firstly  no one has been less than delighted with the upgrade once it has settled. Some have noticed a slight rounding of transients immediately upon receipt. As the upgrade settles this changes such that transients become superior to the original pre upgrade.

Due to the nature of some of the materials used the complete upgrade cannot be reversed.


Cross-section Diagram